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    It’s a pretty old hair from 2008, but I kinda liked it, so I decided to retexture it. I also alpha-edited those strange strands around the bun out, so while it’s overly neat now, I prefer it a lot over the original. 
    It comes in 39 of Pooklet’s colours - because it’s only child - adult, so I left out the greys - and the mesh is included (I couldn’t find any ToU, so I hope it’s okay that way?)
    It’s my first retexture ever, so I hope it’s not too bad for your tastes. I guess it’s a bit blurry, but I spent three hours retexturing, binning and doing all the other stuff. Be warned, the neon colours have super eye-killingly bright headbands! :)
    Thanks to Pooklet for the textures & colours and to Siluetta for the mesh! 

    GET IT HERE! @ my box

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