1. Ophelia Nigmos had found that living with her aunt for the past few weeks had actually been cool

    However, after she’d been on that date with Johnny a few weeks ago - it had been THE BEST! - she observed some rather strange changes in the house. Yeah, her aunt didn’t used to be the most normal person, but ripping out all the furniture and completely redoing the house? And moreover, the new things being so overly modern and young? Well, if Ophelia had been asked to state an opinion on all of this, she would have been unable to decide between awesome - seeing as everything looked so expensive, shiny and stylish - and out-of-character!

    Somehow her aunt only ever was up at night anymore, as well. She’d spend hours playing the piano, seemingly in some frenzied trance. She dyed her hair black. And her skin…it had taken on the most peculiar shade of grey! Ophelia figured this was because of her age, after all Olive wasn’t the freshest vegetable in the garden anymore. But somehow, even despite - or maybe because? - of those pecularities, Olive seemed so…rejuvenated.

    Olive had noticed the teenager staring at her. It made her chuckle - or at least smile slightly, chuckling was simply below her. Ophelia had to be a little bit dense, politely put, to not figure it though, seeing as her ‘secret’ was the most obvious to ever exist - well, maybe the teenager was so blessed as to not have been exposed to the strange and supernatural side of the world, but she didn’t think so. 

    Maybe all she needed was a little taste…or bite?

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